Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Fun

OK, we had some serious fun on Valentine's Day. Maybe this will give you some ideas for a future Day o' Love.

Friday, was for me (Deanna) to score some boy points. I think I did well. I got cupcakes from the best ice creamery, Maggie Moos. (Deanna Tip: If you have a Maggie Moos in your area I suggest going to the website and signing up for their email list. You will get free ice cream on your birthday and lots of other fun coupons. Baskin Robins does this too. ) I believe I scored additional points by watching sci-fi shows with David. Here is Worthington (Romeo) Whuppinstuffie. David made him for me. I'm not sure what tickles me more, the bear or David cracking himself up by picking out the name Whuppinstuffie.
OK, here's where David scored some girl points. Not only did he steal my heart with cheese and dark chocolate, he cut the cucumbers into little hearts. We had lunch with his fam. The stuff with the chips is what he calls "Cowboy Caviar". At some point I will definately have to get the recipe to post.
We then played my favorite game, Apples to Apples. Get some goofy people, adjectives and nouns and hilarity ensues. (Deanna Tip: At the end of the game go around the circle and have everybody read the adjectives they have collected as if it describes them, kind of like a fortune cookie or horoscope.)
OK, the finale was The Melting Pot. Here are the highlights:
Rose petals all the way across the skywalk down the hall to the restaurant.
Yummy food, food, and more food. Then they bring out some yummy food for dessert.
A bathroom door that you don't have to touch. Just wave your hand and it opens. (It's the little things, you know.)

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Missy said...

Everything looks wonderful...& delicious! Love the name Whuppinstuffie...ha ha!