Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs: Valentine's Edition

Today I was listening to Talk of the Nation on NPR and they had an interview with some magazine editors who had their subscribers write six-word memoirs. They received such a huge response they compiled them into a book. They have now come out with a sequal; "Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak". Some samples from the book are:

Red-eye. Him window. Me aisle. Love.
- Joanne Flynn Black

Leap of faith. S***, no parachute.
- Katherine Yunker

We "I do" -ed. Then he didn't.
- Lisa Parrack

Palindromantically: Eros saw I was sore.
- Aaron Fagan

Best family ever. Thank you,!
- Alexa Young

Marriage, children, empty nest: Now what?
- Oliver House

There was some great ones that NPR listeners responded with on the story's website, unfortunately my anti-virus software thinks the comments are deadly so I am unable to share some of my favorites right now. You will have to check them out yourself. There are so many that just make me want to know more! It is also amazing to me how many thoughts just six words can stir up. Well, I thought I'd participate too:

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bigskygirls said...

I was listening to this on my lunchbreak. I loved the ones people called in with!

I'll have to think about it & try to come up with one for me & Jonah.