Saturday, December 20, 2008


I haven't been in the holiday spirit at all this year & I was reeeeally hoping that my family coming to visit would make me feel all cheery & merry & get me back on Santa's "nice" list, but it's not going to happen. The sky opened up & dumped 2 feet on Deanna so she can't go anywhere. My parents can't drive down because of the icy roads either.

What is going on with the weather this year?!!

Cody & I decorated the tree anyway...
I bought this tiny tea set 2 years ago & tied red ribbons to all the pieces so they could hang from the tree limbs... This is a Martha Stewart ornament kit I bought at Michaels last year. I'm thinking about making some of these pretty balls out of my old Christmas cards. Wouldn't that be cute? And resourceful since I don't like to throw anything away?This is only about 1/3 of our tree ornaments. I wasn't in the mood to dig everything out & in forethought, definitely not in the mood to put everything away after Christmas. :)And we're dogsitting this month. Cody couldn't be more happy to have a guest. Rumble! Fight! Play!I guess things will be okay. I really wanted to see my family, but our (my) plans haven't changed. I still want to drive around & look at the lights & go see Marley & Me Christmas Day after tearing open all our presents.

Hope you have a nice Christmas too.


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Deanna said...

I love the ornaments and I definately think you should use old Christmas cards!
I remembered you telling me about Marley and Me when I saw the previews! You'll have to give me a review.