Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Dump '08: Digging Out... Before the Next Round

Well, we are finally having a reprieve from all the snow. Here are some photos that I have taken, with the exception of the overhang above. That is a friend's roof. Snow + negative degree temperatures + wind = what you see in that photo. I would just like to remind you that 4 days ago we had virtually no snow. Many have heard that we broke the record at 19 inches within a 24 hour period, but it did not stop at 19 inches. Many people have started calling it Snowmageddon. I still prefer to call it Big Dump '08.
I couldn't get into work again today, so I have been stuck in my apartment again. As I sit at the computer I watch the squirrels dealing with the weather. At one point this squirrel tried to venture out into the deep (three times deeper than him at least) and seemed a bit confused. Then, without warning he dove head first into the white stuff. I started cracking up because he completely disappeared. Then after about 10 seconds, out pops his head with a little apple in his mouth. I had to cheer for the tenacious little guy.
I decided to venture outside and take a walk to the store to not only get some exercise, but to just be completely sure they were out of snow shovels... I know, no chance. It was quite a walk. Some of the sidewalks were shoveled down to only an inch or two of snow, but to get to them you had to walk over a three foot berm. This was OK with me because you just turn into a kid when you get in snow that deep. At one point I started walking through the non plowed, knee deep snow and, my oh my, I found a replacement for the gym. If the sidewalk wasn't shoveled and you didn't want to get buns of steel, you would end up walking on the road. This was OK I guess because there's hardly any traffic and it's all slow. I do, however want to give kudos to the snow plowers because for having 20+ inches of snow, the streets looked pretty darn good!

On my way back from the store I caught up to a gal who was carrying grocery bags and didn't have gloves on. I helped her carry her bags and found out she just moved here from Jordan a couple of months ago! What a welcome to Spokane! I assured her that once the snow goes away it is beautiful here. We're supposed to get another storm before this weekend is over. I wouldn't be all that disappointed is the weather man was completely wrong this time. I suppose the next one shouldn't be this bad though. This last one just made itself at home and hovered over us like those unwanted Christmas guests who just won't go.

Well, that's my update on Big Dump '08 for now. I'm going to go finish a Christmas present for my mom so I can get it in the mail. Our family Christmas plans were definitely adjusted for the weather, so we're all trying to get things in the mail in time for Christmas.



Anonymous said...

I heard there was a bit of snow over there! Wow! I enjoyed seeing the pics!

Dawn said...


Uh, yeah, I will stop complaining about the snow in Bismarck now! :)

Thanks for such good coverage of the "Big Dump." It's fun to read through your posts and see the pictures.