Thursday, August 14, 2008

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

I recently read an article answering random questions about the olympics. I thought to myself, "Self, the readers of your blog deserve to have these mysteries and others solved for them." This is why I have done some extensive research (in this case meaning I made a few clicks on Google and Yahoo!) and have found some answers to your burning olympic questions.

Why do the divers shower between dives?
Now, I'm pretty sure they don't let young children, who rarely have time for pesky little inconveniences such as bathroom breaks, swim in the pool, so that eliminates my first thought as to why someone would head straight to the shower. It turns out it is to keep their muscles warm since there is such a large temperature difference in and outside of the pool.

How old are the Chinese gymnasts.. really?
Well, there seems to have been a miscommunication between the International Olympic Committee and the Chinese Olympic Committee. The IOC stated that the gymnasts must be 16 to compete. The COC, however understood it as saying that the combined ages must be 16, thereby clearing Team China by a good three years. I'm still waiting to confirm this with a reliable source...

What is that black thing on beach volleyball player, Kerri Walsh's, arm?
I know you've heard the rumors that
band aids are breaking into the fashion accessory scene, but this one's legit. Walsh had shoulder surgery, so this is kinesio tape that is supposed to help with circulation and shoulder alignment.

Did the men's archery gold really go to someone who is blind?
He actually has 20/200 vision, so, yes, he is legally blind. Don't ask me how that works people, I just report on these things.

Does Michael Phelps fall asleep with the TV on or off?
He likes to fall asleep with the TV on. Ha ha! Who am I trying to kid? Michael Phelps doesn't sleep! He's too busy swimming, winning gold medals, leaping buildings in a single bound, and defending small villages around Beijing to sleep.

What will be the name for the U.S. b-ball team at the 2012 olympics?

We've had the Dream Team I through IV, the Dirty Dozen and now the Redeem Team. So, what is my prediction for the Team U.S.A. Basketball in four years? The Tostitos, Toyota, Vitamin Water, Nike Team brought to you by Redbull.

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