Friday, August 22, 2008


Found this guy hiding among my flowers last night. I'm pretty sure it's a grasshopper, although I've never seen one like it with the leaf-like wings. How could something this awesome exist without a God to create it?
And a few more photos of my flowers... I was going for the wild, unkempt look this year, like an English-cottage garden. The sunflower wasn't intentional. I think a little bird carried it from our feeder & dropped it there. It's kind of pretty, though I wish the bugs would stop eating the leaves already.


sharilyn said...

I love your bug! I was going to say it was a cicada of some kind, but I'm not sure... anyway,it was a great picture! And I agree that camo like that can only come from the Master Creator! Thanks for sharing! :) sharilyn (

Miranda said...

Wow. What an awesome little creation. That bug is definitely one of our Maker's handy work!Its so cool that you even spotted it.

Miranda (Deanna's friend!!!)