Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, gravity? ...that's just a minor obstacle.

Let me start off by saying that if I could do a back flip I would be proud. Add it on to a balance beam and I'd be stinkin' proud. Add to both of those a crowd watching my every move, I'd amaze myself... but still be no where near the Olympic gymnasts I just watched. Basically these girls break every law of gravity, thermodynamics and some small countries during their routines. I watch in amazement as the announcers comment on their mistakes which mean nothing to me unless they fall off the apparatus, which if done stylishly, would probably mean just as little. Basically what I'm trying to say is that these girls are incredible. That's why I have created a new rule; you can only criticize the U.S. women for taking second if you can do a back flip on a balance beam in front of a screaming crowd. Now, I know this may eliminate criticism but not disappointment because those girls have focused their whole life on this moment. However, to China's credit they really did an amazing job, by this I mean they seem to have fallen off something a few less times than the Americans. They also seem to have sacrificed more. According to the announcers, most of those girls are recruited around the age of three (which, judging by their looks, would have been sometime last year) and are actually taken to where they will train except for a visit home once or twice a year. Did I mention they do this at the age of three??? If that's what they have to go through to get gold, I'd be begging for the silver medal. Although I don't think I would have had to worry that much... I never was very good at back flips...

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