Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nail Polish Organization

Who has two thumbs & is insane about organizing this month? Me! Me! It's all I can think about. I thought of this on the drive home from work yesterday...

Talk to you soon! :) Melissa

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Melinda Bogert said...

Melissa, you are amazingly organized!! I would have never thought of such an idea. You should have a Podcast!!! Great to see you in a video, and "get to know you" as Deanna's sister. I followed your Bigsky Girls blog for a few years and seldom saw any photos of you actually but tons of your really, REALLY talented stuff you did, designed or cooked, crocheted, etc. Love the video blogging idea!! I am Deanna's mother-in-law down in Utah, not near you anymore because we moved to Uinta Basin to Roosevelt. Keep up the great blogs!!