Monday, March 19, 2012

Melissa's March Favorites

Hi all! I love to hear about my friend's (or complete stranger's) favorite products. :) It helps me make better decisions when shopping, looking for a book at the library, picking out music, etc. Here are my favorites for the month of March. Please feel free to tell me about yours below...I'm interested!

Have a most wonderful day! Melissa


Melinda Bogert said...

Melissa, I am just BLOWN AWAY by all the things you featured for March... some of which I had never heard of like the app on your phone, the book your high school teacher wrote and the new Sensi smell. (Those must be great, now I am going to look for them myself) I think the video blogging MAKES your/Deanna's blog great!! So dynamic and so personal and I could really feel like you/she were talking to ME, the listener. What a great idea!!! (If I was not so butt ugly and old, I'd try that on my blog, too... but I think somebody would hack in and put a mustashe on my face... or crash the blog site.) But I will instead come here and watch your/Deanna's posts!!! Keep going, I love it!!

bigskygirls said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've had fun doing the videos & will be sure to keep it up.