Saturday, March 24, 2012

Give Me a Break, It's My First Video. ;)

OK, so I decided to try my hand at a video too. I decided to do a "what's in my bag" video too to break myself in to the whole vlogging process.

Here are the links I had in the video in case you missed them and wanted to check them out. =)
GypsyTree Bags
Sagewood Soaps
StepUp Spokane



Dave said...

Yay Deanna! That's my awesome hottie wife!

bigskygirls said...

Girl, you did an awesome job & I enjoyed seeing what's in your bag. I will definitely be following your links & checking that stuff out too. Thanks for sharing. I had to laugh at all your coffee cards! Oh my goodness! And about "breakin up the colonies." I had no idea that would make such an impact. lol! Also, I think its funny you do your makeup on the bus. What kind of makeup was it (brands & such)? You didn't mention & I like details!!! If I had done my video before the new expensive purse, you would have seen all kinds of random stuff, but I'm so paranoid about keeping it clean I hardly put anything in there. Anywho...loved it! Tell me what kind of makeup you use!

Melinda Bogert said...

Wow!!! I never knew you talked that much and I LOVE IT!! You are really an inspiration with your million steps walk - fabulous!! It's so neat for me to see you all by yourself, relaxed and being yourself so thanks for the video blog and it was great, very interesting to me!! Hugs, mother-in-law, Melinda