Friday, March 6, 2009

March On!

Oh, I do love March! Why you ask? Well, in the Inland Northwest we get the first hint of spring. Although it is always important to remember that we always have a fake spring. Everybody gets all excited, dusts off their gardening tools and pulls out the summer clothes. Then in a week or two... snow. This is always a bit disheartening, but at least it reminds us that it will come! As for Spokane we got the slightest wisp of snow through January and February and yet our December dump is still receding off my patio. The robins have been attacking the ground with a vengeance when they see any area that isn't white. Even some bulbs are pushing their way out into the welcoming sun. I got my Master Composter newsletter yesterday and it is just bursting with events and ideas. On a side note, I went to a job interview a couple weeks ago and the interviewer discovered I was a master composter. It cracked my up because throughout the interview he'd say something like, "OK, this is a little off the subject, but what kind of worms do you actually use?" It was cracking me up, but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for sharing my interest. (By the way, you would use red wigglers.)

Well, if you know me well enough, you know that I do enjoy watching a bit of college basketball. So, here we go! Bring on the Brackets! Time for the Tournaments! Soar to the Score! I'm sorry, I just can't help it... I was blessed with the gift of alliteration. But I do want to note for those of you who aren't into basketball, you should at least tune in when you see any of the ads for NCAA online. They're pretty darn funny.

OK, and now for my last March note for this post... ah yes... the Iditarod. The race actually starts this weekend. If you've never followed it, I gotta tell you it's pretty exciting. In the beginning you might want to just check in now and again, but as it draws to the end the mushers have to really pull out their tricks to pass their opponent. Last year was a great story as Mackey faked out King with a "rest stop" only to sneak out of camp as King grabbed a much needed nap. These guys are both in it this year, but you never know what could happen with all the variables they all have to face.

Yes, I know I'm pretty eclectic in my interests, but it makes life fun! March on!
_ Deanna

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Anonymous said...

Hi Big Sky Girl!

Please don't end your blogging! I really enjoy reading what you both write. I lived in Spokane for many years and Salt Lake is also my favorite place, although I live 50 miles east in a rural, no smog area, but venture there to shop and visit often.

I really enjoy Melissa's crafts and Deanna's sense of humor and eclectic interests. Keep on posting gals, I love it!!