Sunday, January 11, 2009

My new, finally finished, scarf & winter bag

I did it! I put the fringes on my much desired & long awaited green cable scarf last night while chatting with Deanna on the phone. It's done. I'm not totally digging how it looks because I purled too much across the front & forgot that makes the edges curl in. So mostly all you can see is the back which is not as pretty as the cables I spent so much time knitting on the front. I AM still wearing it,, because I spent sooooo much time on it & two, because it is SO soft. My neck is in heaven. I can't stop running my fingers through the fringes either. I have lots more of this yarn. Perhaps I'll knit another, with a different pattern of course, as a gift to someone special. This is the winter bag that I knit last year. I just finished sewing the handles on this afternoon. I love it.Things have been pretty quiet this weekend. Mostly knitting & watching football. I suppose it's time to take the puppies out for another walk... Melissa


Procrastamom said...

Just stopping over from Soule Mama's blog to see your project. Awesome job...absolutely beautiful scarf and purse!

(must learn to knit now)

Anonymous said...

Nice job Missy!

bigskygirls said...

Thanks you guys!!! I feel all warm & fuzzy now, just like my scarf. :)

p.s. Procrastamom, I tried to go on your blog, but it wouldn't let me, but thank you for the comment anyway.

Anonymous said...

That scarf is amazing!!!!! I love the colors, the pattern, the length...if only I liked to knit I'd make one! I try to knit but even as I am knitting I am thinking of how much I detest it. I think that may be against the law in the blogging world :)