Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Wintery Fun

Well, it snowed all day yesterday, but thank goodness it was a very light and beautiful snow. The kind of snow they have on TV when they want the scene to be romantic. There were just a handful of large fluffy snowflakes at a time and they fell slowly like feathers. I decided I must take a walk in this and I assure you I wasn't disappointed. It was absolutely beautiful out there even if I did just about freeze my legs off. ;)

In the evening David and I went to see Christmas lights and it was kind of cool to see so many shine from beneath a pile of snow. I think the icicles hanging off the roofs were just as fun to see too. Occasionally there would be some lights behind a wall of icicles and that was so crazy looking!

After the lights we headed to The Davenport Hotel to see the gingerbread houses. Every year chef and architect teams will team up to compete in the gingerbread house display to raise money for Christ's Kitchen.
I had to get a picture of the lobby itself because it is always so incredible at Christmas.

This year the theme seemed to be storybook characters. Here is one that I thought was cute because I've always been a fan of Madeline.

I also liked the detail on this one... and the roof was made of those yummy cheap cookies I like so much!
And here is the grand champion!



Missy said...

I vote for Madeline!

Coy Sexton said...

That is sooo cool! The madeline one was the best. Those are things I miss about living in a big town is fun events like that. Small towns have lots to do, but they can't put on big things like that. Looks like you had a good Christmas.