Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changes That Heal - A Book Review

My last book review for the 2008 Fall Into Reading challenge.

This book focuses on four developmental tasks--bonding to others, separating from others, integrating good and bad in our lives, and taking charge of our lives--that all of us must accomplish to heal our inner pain and to enable us to function and grow emotionally and spiritually.
OK, this is going to seem like a bit of a one-sided review, but I really believe Dr. Henry Cloud,co-author of Boundaries, has written a booked jam packed with basic tools for life. It holds basic concepts that really, when not dealt with in our life, will ripple out and affect our thoughts, emotions, and actions in all sorts of ways. For me, Dr. Cloud's explanations were simple and easy to understand, although I do have some experience with counseling. Dr. Cloud is a Christian and he emphasizes God and scripture throughout the book, but this book could be just as relevant to non-Christians as he has strong research and highly respected experience to back up his writing. This is a book that I will not only keep to refer back to and reread, but I will also keep additional copies on hand to give to anybody who would like to work through it.

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Coy Sexton said...

Deanna, got another book for your reading list. check out "Conflicting concepts of holiness"