Monday, November 3, 2008

Randomness and My Green Tambourine

O Danny Boy
I heard the song O Danny Boy twice today in different settings. I always love hearing this song. This strikes me as odd because it is really depressing.

I love the word "presumptious". It just sounds really cool when you use it in a sentence especially in the form of irony. Here is a sentence I used in an email the other day that was just meant to have "presumptious" in it:

"Last winter my drink of choice was a 16 oz., 2%, double split shot, sugar free vanilla latte. I wanted them to make it upside down, but I thought that might make me sound presumptious."

I have actually said it since then and I do like saying it just as much as writing it. A word I really like using but struggle with saying is "circuitous".

Free to be... You and Me
I was reading a book today and the author mentioned the album, Free to be... You and Me. Wow, I happily shot back in time to the hours I spent listening to the record as a kid. The author said she left it playing in her car once when she went out to dinner. When the valet returned her car he was so excited because he hadn't heard the album in years. I didn't realize so many people shared the memory of this album with me.

Cutting my lip on my sandwhich
On Saturday I went out to eat at Downriver Grill. I was having a brie and chicken sandwich with apple and crandberry on it and the bun was grilled to a beautiful, but sharp, golden brown. I say sharp because at one point I went to take a bite and it scratched my lip. A little while later David told me I still had cranberry sauce on my lip. When I checked, it was actually blood from the cut I got from my sandwich. I got a cut from bread. Suddenly, knowing that my sandwich can cut through my skin, the Ginsu knives cutting through a shoe doesn't seem all that impressive.



David S. said...

In the defense of Ginsu knives, a shoe doesn't have the same texture and softness as your lips. ;)

Missy said...


I looked up the Free To Be You & Me album a few weeks ago & put it in one of my non-public amazon wish lists. How conincidental is that?! What I really want is that album with the story of the Ant & the Grasshopper that we used to listen to...that was the best! But I couldn't find it.