Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Value of a Person

Last week had a theme to it. Everywhere I (Deanna) went I was hearing messages about the value that every person has. I finished the book, Frankenstein, watched some movies with the focus, and the sermon on Sunday was about bioethics. I think my main conclusion was that yes, everybody has intrinsic value, but wondered how do we recognize it. I've decided that it's something that we live out whether or not we are directly confronted with issues like abortion or euthanasia. So, what does that look like? This is what I came up with. It looks like...

...the mom from my church who, as a way to deal with the loss of her young son to cancer, takes in babies through foster care. She often ends up becoming a mom to the baby's parents because they are usually young and just as hungry for love.

...my friend, Lauren, who drops everything to grieve with people that most people would overlook.

...my sister who buys fingernail polish and paints the nails of the ladies in the nursing home.

...my friend, Miranda, who gets excited about working with people who live out on the street.

...my dad who helps half the town with computer problems, knowing the most he'll get in return is an occasional apple pie.

....the family here in town that has adopted 9 out of 12 of their children, many of them having major medical needs.

...my mom who used to go over every morning to have coffee with our aging neighbor who rarely had her out of town family come visit.

These are the ways to show the value of each life.



Miranda said...

oh my gosh...I am in your blog! Thats crazy.

I housed my first homeless person yesterday and it is only day 7. Yay God!

Missy said...

It looks like someone mentoring a young girl through Big Brothers Big Sisters. :)

Thanks for mentioning me & the others. Makes me want to do better.