Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a modern-day after school special.

Please forgive me. I've been pouting & feeling sorry for myself. Just generally walking around with a chip on my shoulder & imagining how great life must've been in the good old days before electricity. Saturday, while I naively went about the house, enjoying the start to my weekend, getting ready to go to the fair...our wicked computer was crashing & dying & erasing all the information I have compiled over 4 years.

And here is my lesson for you, children. Don't be a dummy (like me) & keep all your digital photos, your resume, detailed lists & spreadsheets & basically all of your most valuable documents in a folder on your desktop...without back-up.



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Deanna said...

Well, they say that misery loves company, so here is a blogpost for you:

I haven't read much of the whole blog, but it sounds like one you'd like. :)