Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching Up on my Goofy Life

Oh readers, you have no idea how often I (Deanna) think, "I must blog about this!" I truly write blogs in my head all the time, but am loathe to sit in front of the computer after eight hours of it at work. Oh, to blog in a notebook with crinkly lined sheets and spaces to doodle to my hearts content. I guess that would be more like a klog (we-blog, noteboo-klog). Well, since my klog is mostly private, I will blog some things I've been meaning to for some time.

I was taking a walk this evening and I felt like I wanted to capture every second of summer like Cindarella before midnight. I know, this sounds very dramatic, but I do get rather dramatic when summer is coming to an end. I want to fully experience it until it is completely gone. Then I have to have some grieving time. Finally, I'm ready to jump into fall with all the gusto of one of those gorilla suited guys jumping out at small children in the corn maze. One of the activities I will most miss from summer are the outdoor movies in the quaint little Perry District. You show up at dusk to sit outside of an old car shop converted into a coffee shop.

On this particular night they were showing "Galaxy Quest", so the Jewish pre-movie band was all dressed up in DIY space outfits while they played their accordians and clarinets and danced with crowd members. My particular favorite was the medly of Star Wars/Trek/Quest/Jones songs they had composed in Jewish style, because, like the band leader said, "there are Jews everywhere".
I also have been wanting to give you an update on my container garden. I would have to say that for the most part I was fairly successful. Here's kind of a side shot of it:
Here's a close up of my tomatoes, peppers and basil. I thought they looked really pretty.
Oh, and here's my one yellow squash that grew... I guess I won't be leaving any on my neighbor's porch this year...
For people who used to read my previous blog you may remember my post on the 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar and what a colorful tourist trap it is. Well, I just want to give you a surprising update. It is no longer the 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar. That's right, there are now 50,000 silver dollars! I give to you the new (well, just the "fives", as you can see from the photo) and improved (well, if getting more varieties of toothpick holders is an improvement) 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar!

I do have some other posts logged away in my head, but they will have to wait for another day. I do, however, want to leave you with one quick update from a previous post. If you remember my Independence Day blog, I wrote about The Keeper of the Tambourine. Well, he is still going strong as I saw a photo of him dancing away at a community fair my church helps with. The moment they showed the slide show I knew it was him... too funny.


Missy said...

How dare they! They can't just change the name of the 10,000 Silver Dollar willy-nilly! I don't accept it. In fact, I might write my Congressman. *sniff*

You did very well with your container garden! Have you used any of the vegetables yet?

I LOVE the outdoor movie by the coffee shop that used to be a car shop & the Jewish band that dresses up to the theme of the movie!!! I want to go! And I love that the neighborhood holds annual meetings to discuss their "ongoing revitalization." That is a neighborhood that I want to live in!

Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

Miranda said...

AHHHHH!!!! Some of my favorite things! I love the 10,000 silver dollar bar...I went there that time that I went to visit you. I also went to the outdoor movies with you when I visited you with my friend Cleo! I loved "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I miss you so much. You love so many of the same things I do. WAAAAA....If we put a fold in our maps will it make our cities closer together?? It works on the cartoons!

PS. We had outdoor movies here this summer. They bring in this company (theatre under the stars) that has a giant inflatable screen and we all watch the movie in a huge field. I watched Nim's Island this year with my friend Becky...and broke my folding chairs arm.

Melissa & Deanna said...

Oh, how I wish you guys could come to another movie with me! At this one some young girls were selling ice cream, so I went over to support them. I asked them if they were raising money for something and the one girl says, "Well, I'm raising money for a new IPod!". Hey, I suffered through the cookie dough ice cream to support her entrepeneurial efforts. ;)