Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy birthday, America!

I love the idea of embroidery samplers as family heirlooms. So lately I've been looking into their history. Chewing on a few ideas. Wanting to create my own. A few weeks ago I made a spontaneous stop by the thrift store & it a sign?....I found this book for just a few bucks, which immediately caused my hands to sweat & my heart to leap & do summersaults! Well, first I plan to embroider some monogrammed pillowcases for me & Jonah, but I can sketch up a plan for my sampler while doing that. Here I am winding & organizing all of my thread while watching Rambo, First Blood with Jonah. They're so pretty, I don't know if I want to disturb them. I might have to buy new threads just to sew my sampler.
This is my childhood home. It's the one I'd like to design my sampler around. I want to put the bench in's where my sister & I played for hours & where I fell & broke my arm once...Today, we picnicked in the park. I had lots of good intentions for this picnic. I meant to make chicken salad sandwiches & bring a bottle of wine.
But I had a horrible headache all morning so we went to Subway instead. My favorite Subway sandwich? The Veggie Delight on herb & cheese bread, with a side of apples & a sugar cookie for dessert...yum!
And this is my favorite puppy in the whole world, begging for a cucumber, or a piece of lettuce, or pretty much whatever I'll toss her way.M


Deanna said...

I love your pictures! That cracks me up that you were winding embroidery thread while watching Rambo... Or was it Rambo winding embroidery thread while watching a movie about you? I always thought there was more to that guy than just guns and face paint...

Melissa said...

LOL! Watching all those action movies growing up with Dad definitely had it's affect. I really liked First Blood. I'd watch it again. Rocky's another good Sylvester Stallone flick if you haven't seen it. You should. Jonah can't believe how long it's taking me to wind my embroidery floss. Last night he said I just need to get started on one of my projects! I think he's eagerly anticipating those monogrammed pillowcases. :)