Thursday, July 17, 2008

For the Love of Value Village: Sonnet I

When in love with plastic prize
And not worried who is named
Unveil these statues undisguised
To imagine you've got game

To the sea! To the sea! When comes the night
And shine so bright and clear
A gastropod mollusk never knew his plight
Would land him, electric, here

To behold this art, Oh! What to say?
It speaks for itself, 'tis true
This loquacious piece of macrame
In its ambitious attempt to woo

And with lurid, orange spheres atop the jar
Who can find their equal, near or far?



Miranda Blomquist said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Love it. Did you take the pictures yourself?? Cause if so that would be an awesome field trip!

Deanna said...

Ha Ha! I did. I was at Value Village and I saw those canisters (the crown of my sonnet ;)) and I just had to take a picture of them to share. Then I started thinking about all the stuff that is just classic there and thought about a blog... well, it turned into quite a fun excursion looking for the most random things I could find!