Saturday, April 7, 2012

Using Stuff Up & Recycling

More along the lines of Spring cleaning, I got this idea from YouTube. It's called Project 10 Pan, meaning you use up 10 of your products down to the "pan" or until you hit the bottom. I think we all have a little stash of products in a cupboard somewhere...products we've used part way, travel-sized products, products we bought in bulk because they were on sale, etc.

My stash just happens to be huge. I recently organized all my products into one place & I'm going to use them up 10 at a time until I get myself back down to the basics or until I can't stand it anymore. Some ladies on YouTube are doing 10 & that's it. Either way, I hope this is inspiring to someone else. :)

Also, the city we moved to finally caught up with the times & started their recycle program. This is awesome for me because I'm just a big tree-hugger at heart. Have a lovely weekend all!

xo, Melissa

p.s. If anyone has questions about my thoughts on the products in this video, let me know. In an effort to keep the video to 10 minutes (give or take), I don't have time to expand. However, I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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