Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Weekend at the Movies

OK, so we didn't actually go out to the movies this weekend, but we did take in a few. I have to admit that when the weather gets really cold like this (single digits) and there is no snow, there is little motivation to go outside. Saturday we caught up on Survivor since we missed it to go to The Best Christmas Pagent Ever at the Spokane Civic Theater. Then we watched a little Disney short called Prep and Landing. It was pretty cute, although I thought it was going to be longer after seeing a few ads for it. You can watch it on by clicking here.

That evening we decided it was time for another Christmas movie. We have a few on our list.

Elf... check.

White Christmas... check.

Die Hard... wait... well, it takes place at Christmas time.

I actually hadn't seen Die Hard in years, so it was fun to watch. After all, it is 40 stories of sheer adventure!
Next, we watched something a little more mellow. Melissa wrote a post about wanting to see the movie Julie and Julia earlier in the year. Today we snuggled up to watch this charming little story. I enjoyed it thoroughly, although, our lunch seemed quite uneventful after watching all the French cuisine being consumed in this movie. I also felt like I may have gained 10 pounds just by watching all the butter and cream teasing me on the screen.

Oddly enough, we were playing 90's Trivial Pursuit later and this question popped up:

What famous cook stated, "giving up butter means that in about two years you will be covered in dandruff."

Once you see the movie, the answer to that question is incredibly obvious., why did I guess Dom Doluise? I guess I never was one to pick up on the obvious.


katy said...

Oh fun! I love Christmas movies! We saw that Prep & Landing one, too - cute, but yes, too short. We thought it was a regular length movie since the trailer was so long, too! :)

magicandmystery said...

Darn....I can't believe I missed watching Prep & Landing. I was super excited about it. Aren't Elf and White Christmas the best movies ever???

Did you see I finally got myself a Blogger account? Now I will just have to take lessons from you two so my blog can be as cute as yours. ;)


magicandmystery said...

Just watched Julie and Julia not too long ago! I loved it....although I agree, she should have gained a ton of wait from eating all that food. I LOVE trying new food from cookbooks. Just made a delicious bacon apple and cheese bread pudding from my hero Betty Crocker's cookbook yesterday.

You two need to start blogging again. I miss hearing from you.