Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fair Weekend

Many people feel they come from a small town. Melissa and I (Deanna) know we come from a small town. It definitely had its good points and bad. It was hard being a high schooler living 80 miles from the nearest mall, but we definitely learned how to have fun just about anywhere. I suppose, like all good country songs, we spent our life dreaming about leaving our small town and then once we leave we find ourselves drawn back. One of the best times to be drawn back to the town we grew up in is the county fair. On Labor Day weekend the population swells from 1,000 to about 18,000. The fair has all the things a good small town fair should have. This last weekend was no different. One of my favorites is the exhibit barns:

These three pigs were obviously fans of NCIS:
We were always lucky to live just a few blocks from the fairgrounds. You have to cross the river to get there and lest you underestimate the beauty of the area, I snapped this photo on the way to the rodeo:

The next night was the demolition derby. This is no small event at the fair. The whole thing usually lasts about five hours and is full of crashes, cheering and spray painted logos.
This one was hilarious (nobody was hurt). The car on the bottom actually drove underneath the car on top.
The ironic thing is that as you peer through the exhaust and dust to make out the cars, the announcer reminds you there is no smoking in the grandstands.
This little gal was having way too much fun. She was also making eyes at David the whole time and at one point threw a slurpee straw at me... I don't blame her for being jealous though...
We had a great weekend. As we headed back over the mountains, I snapped this picture of the rain in the valley.


Missy said...

Great pictures! I almost feel like I was there. Maybe next year. Love the NCIS pigs! That's hilarious they don't let anyone smoke at the demo derby. I heard there was a bull at the rodeo that turned himself in circles until he fell over...did you see that?

David said...

We did get to see that as well! That bull looked a little confused at first, and almost stopped at one point. But, stubborn as he was, he kept right on going and knocked himself down. I guess he was new at the whole rodeo thing, and was trying a new tactic.

I had a blast experiencing this with Deanna and her family! I've always wanted to date a small town girl, and I never knew what an awesome time it would be! I'm very quickly falling in love with the town, and with the whole family ;)

Deanna said...

Haha! That bull was so funny! I'm not sure why he spun around so much, but, yea, he just kept going until he just fell right over. We had fun! Sorry, no fair food pictures! ;)

Coy said...

I am pretty sure David started making eyes at her first. What a cutie! He has good taste.