Sunday, August 16, 2009

A remote idea

I know. Everyone says you shouldn't have a TV in the bedroom. But my husband & I enjoy drifting off to a nice sitcom. And, more importantly, where else would I go when Project Runway's on & he's watching something else on the living room set? To the bedroom I say!

The only problem is, we have to put our remotes between us on the headboard (so we can both reach them) & from there they regularly fall behind the bed. Many a night, I'm crawling around on the floor with my back-scratcher trying to push them within reaching distance. Such a pain.

Sewing machine to the rescue!
Now I can use my back-scratcher as a back-scratcher & not a remote pusher-outer.



Cajun said...

I think it was a great idea, babe! No more searching under the bed. Yea!

David said...

Awesome Idea!

Deanna said...

Wow! Good idea and cute too!

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone!

Coy said...

when can you come to my house and organize and decorate? I am amazed by your craftiness.

Anonymous said...

GENIUS!!! And it's super cute.