Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've lived in Utah for 7 years now & while I love it here, it has never felt like home to me. I think J & I will eventually find a place to settle & that place will feel like home to us. But for now, whenever I drive back to Montana, the place where I was born & raised up...that is where I feel like home.

We drove there last weekend, Cody & I. And we very much enjoyed ourselves! I wanted to document the entire trip in photos, but I got caught up with enjoying myself so much, I forgot my camera most of the time. Thank goodness my dad was there to remind me, here are just a few...

Grandma was canning beets on Friday, so Dad picked them out of his garden...while I snuck into our neighbors raspberry patch & helped myself...I'm kidding. Dave is always generous with his raspberries. There was no sneaking...just eating. Here I am! Cutting the beets in the wrong direction, according to grandma. Oh well. I'm not eating them. Cleaning intermission. That juice is bright red & it drips all over the place.After all the beets were put into jars, we boiled them & then the fun part... waiting for the lids to "pop!" so you know they sealed. They sure are pretty. I'm glad J likes beets because I was given two jars to bring home.This is where we walked the dogs twice a day. Lucky! I wish we had a place like this to let Cody run free in Utah. As well as a nice freshwater brook to have a drink & cool your belly. :)I could do without the dead things that Cody brought back to me on every single walk!, tail wagging with joy. But dogs will be dogs.Oh yes, this will always feel like home to me. Every time we go home, I always drop by The Little Bear ice cream shop in Thompson Falls & have the best huckleberry ice cream in the world. Seriously, it is the best. I went twice on this trip. And, us, Mom & Deanna, made our rounds to the awesome local thrift stores. I have done some thrifting since I got home too & I will delight you with all my finds next time.

Until then...

Take care everyone, Melissa

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Deanna said...

I did get to hear a few of the lids pop by the way! I'm glad they sent the beats home with you and not me! ;)

Awww... such cute pics of the pups!