Sunday, August 9, 2009

Greased Lightening

I know what I'm getting when my midlife crisis hits...

I went to this car show on Sunday. Totally l-o-v-e-d it. Now I'm in the mood to pop Grease in the DVD player & hang out with Sandy & Danny for a few hours. These cars transport me back in time a little bit when I look at them. I always have a clear vision of me driving & also......being a girl......which fashion accessories I'm wearing while driving.My favorite at the show. This beautiful blue '66 Chevy Chevelle Malibu. I see myself in something a little bit 80's rock & roll...& revving that engine.Under the hood.......fancy pancy!And, Hello. I can just see myself speeding down the highway in this '59 Chevy Corvette! Of course I'm wearing a long head scarf, Jackie-O sunglasses & a huge grin.This '55 Chevy Belair would be my cute family car. A pretty dress, heals & pearl earrings are the attire. Or capris with a crisp white blouse. My hair is pulled back chignon-style.I also really liked this two-tone color.And certainly our vacation rental would be this '56 VW Bug, complete with roof rack to carry our all-important parcels to the beach. :-) pink gingham swimsuit? This is the first time I've heard of a Rambler Marlin ('65). I thought it was interesting & different & I could get used to driving one of these too! Love the HUGE side window...holy smokes! I think something simple like a wrap skirt & flats is in order here.Now if I were to drive a motorcycle or scooter.....this '81 Honda Passport would be the ticket. You have to have a basket on a bike. Where else are you gonna carry your six pack of root beer?! Also, when riding this bike, you must be accessorized with a cute helmet & goggles, I think.
The only thing missing from the car show was some old Ford pick-up trucks from the '70's era. And anything with wood-paneling. Rather disappointing.


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