Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"What's On Ur Playlist" Circa 1989

Today the Walkman turned 30 years old. Kids these days take for granted that if it wasn't for this cutting edge technology they could still be carrying "ghetto blasters" around on their shoulders.
Since Melissa wrote her "What's On Ur Playlist" post a little while ago I (Deanna) thought it might be fun to peek into her playlist from the past. (Well "our playlist" since I was four years younger and dependent on my junior high sister to lead me into the ways of pop culture.)

The last time I was at our parents' house, Dad was handing me things he'd found here and there that he figured must be ours. I opened up a shoebox and their was our playlist.

There were some infamous tapes in there that could possibly go down in pop history.

It is easy to see that when Melissa wrote about her eclectic taste, that's something that hasn't changed much.

Lucky for us we had the grandfather of the modern day playlist available: the mixed tape. Special note that one of those mixed tapes is "Dirty Dancing". We listened to that so much I could probably still sing along with every word... even the latin songs.

Like I said, I pretty much depended on my older sister to share her music, but after awhile I started developing my own tastes. Oh, I liked these ones.

I'm pretty sure the first tape I ever bought was The Beach Boys' "Kokomo" (go ahead, you know you wanna sing it... Aruba, Jamaica, Ooooh I wanna take ya...), but here were a couple of staples in my music library a little later on.

Wow, I listened to my IPod while writing most of this post. Things do change, don't they? But I don't care what kids today say, we and our cassette tapes were hip.


Melissa said...

Holy Blast from the Past! This is the best ever! I forgot about all those tapes. Heart & Poison & all the other 80's big hair bands. New Kids on the Block. I remember buying those tapes at the music store in the mall. Poor Milli Vanilli. That situation was messed up. The record company totally set them up & the one guy committed suicide over it. So sad. But now I want to go watch John Cusack in Say Anything...& Dirty Dancing.

Melissa said...

If you can't tell what the old tapes are from the pictures:

Kiss, EMF, Bobby Brown, Love & Rockets, The Lost Boys soundtrack (loved that movie), Heart, C&C Music Factory, unknown

Milli Vanilli

Prince, unknown, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Sawyer Brown, Poison

Mix tapes, all recorded from Rick D's top 40 on the radio

unknown, MC Hammer, Roxette, Richard Marx

...and my sisters tapes, DC Talk

Rachel Holland said...

I remember borrowing an Alice Cooper tape from Melissa in 8th grade- it was the one with the song "Poison" on it. :)

Heart also completely rocked. I forget how good they were until I hear them on the radio- still know all the lyrics.

80's and 90's music RULED.

Deanna said...

The unknown album in the first picture: Calloway, "I Want to be Rich" single

Third picture: Vanessa Williams

Fifth picture: Another Roxette