Friday, July 10, 2009

Performing a Clutterectomy

It's a yard sale at my house! One week from today.

Signage. Check.
Pricing. Check.
Friends commissioned to help set up. Check.

I'm going to make this a pleasant day for myself. Sort of a summer party feel, so I can be relaxed & friendly around my customers, which is most important. The night before, I'll put up some leftover 4th of July decorations & bake cookies. The day of, I will sit in the shade with my radio & knit during the lull moments (hopefully not many of those).

Okay, this is about the time where I overwhelm myself with worst-case scenarios & panic, which I did earlier. A little. And just now my stomach feels a bit queezy. But really, things are moving along quite nicely.

:) Melissa


Deanna said...

OOoooh... now that sounds like my kind of yard sale! They should have a day when everybody on base has a garage sale at the same time. There's a community over here that does that and it works out awesome for everybody!

Anonymous said...

Overachiever! =)Can't wait to hear how it goes!