Sunday, June 7, 2009


J is working overseas this summer so we are walking to pass the time away.
Cody & I have walked everyday for 3 weeks, minus 3 days for bad weather. I do this for 3 reasons: because Cody goes stir-crazy if she isn't exercised, because I need an outlet for stress & because I want to lose weight. In the 3 weeks I've been counting, I've walked an estimated 27 miles & dropped a few pounds. To stave off boredom, I've mapped out 3 walking paths from my house, each a different length (short = 1 mile, medium = 1.5 miles & long = 3 miles) & each with different scenery. The 1 mile path weaves through the houses in our neighborhood, with 2 small parks where I let Cody off the leash to run freely (don't tell anyone). The 1.5 mile path is pictured in this post & is my favorite because it circles around our local pond. The 3 mile path stretches past the pond & out past an RV park & picnic area. Also, very nice.While doing the medium & long walks, I always stop for Cody to cool off with a swim & a drink. There's a little duck family that swims just far enough out of the way so Cody can't get them. When we started walking 3 weeks ago, the ducklings were tiny, downy little things. Now they are almost as big as the adults with feathers.On Saturday & Sunday mornings we get started early while it's still cool outside. On these days we see birds galore & just yesterday 3 beautiful red foxes. I was never interested in birds much, but now I can kinda see the fascination with them. There are so many different types. I've tried identifying some of them online. So there are multiple benefits to walking for me: Bonding with my dog, stress relief & when J calls in the evenings, I have plenty to talk about!



Anonymous said...

I like the pics you posted of your walks! I wish you could've gotten pictures of the foxes. I wish they had more walking trails like this around here, but I would have to drive to get to them.


Anonymous said...

I'm almost caught up with you & David on the 50-mile challenge! :) Where are you guys at now?