Friday, June 19, 2009

A votre sante! That's Cheers in French.

Cheers, Darling! To 5 happy years & many more...

Jonah's side of the family is Cajun-French from Southern Louisiana. And today I got to thinking about just how lovely & loud everyone sounds when we go back to visit. Such a contrast to my quiet-spoken side of the family from the Northwest. Of course I have no idea how to spell anything, but Jonah's charming family has taught me a few of their words & phrases over the years. Here are some of them (phonetically)...

Sha or Sha-sha is a term of endearment

Toot or tootie is also a term of endearment

Do-do (with long o's) is how you tell little ones "go to sleep"

Noonie means pacifier

Sa-say-bone means "It's good!" when you are complimenting the cook

Nosay faunts means that person is nosey!

Teetsootie is little mouse

Teequet is a short ponytail or piece of hair sticking up

Coolyawn means crazy idiot

Mawmaw means grandma or old lady & is sometimes used to describe someone who looks frumpy

Cawsawns is underwear!

They say I'm gonna pass the vacuum or pass the mop

They use the term hard-headed to describe each other as stubborn & I find they are usually right

Get down means get out of the car

Lower or speed up the TV means lower or raise the volume on the TV

And speaking of TV, it's time to lay like a potato in front of it & watch Bravo... hello, anyone else need to get caught up on The Fashion Show or Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Goodnight & God bless. xoxo, Melissa

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Deanna said...

I love hearing all those sayings! I always want to come up with something distinctly Montanan.

Joyeux anniversaire!