Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Fun Weekend and Other Stuff

First a couple of updates:

This is our 100th post! I wish I could give $100 to the first 100 readers who respond to this, but I know you get so much joy out of reading our blog you wouldn't be able to accept it on principle. ;) So, I will just say happy 100th post everybody!

Also, David and I are on our 30th mile of our 50 Mile Challenge! David has recovered enough from his stint in the hospital that we were able to walk two miles together the other night.

OK, on to the fun of last weekend. David is getting to know me pretty well, so he set up the perfect day trip for the one year anniversary of our first official date. He is obviously quite the romantic to remember such things. He knows I like to explore new places and holes in the wall, so off he drove me to Wenatchee and Leavenworth. I've been to both, but never had time at either one. He found perfect spots to explore!

The main place in Wenatchee was Ohme Gardens. Beautiful! Walking paths everywhere, flowers, views, a wishing well, waterfalls...

I saw some Indian Moccasins there! They are the little yellow flowers in the front that look like tiny slippers.

This is one of my favorite picks and I wish you could see all the little waterfalls flowing over the rocks behind us.

Next we headed into Leavenworth which is a little Bavarian town in the mountains. Everything is cute! Even the 76 Station and McDonalds have their logos painted in a fancy Bavarian style. There are leiderhosen everywhere and fudge! Oh I love the fudge! They had a band playing polka in the main park and the smell of German Sausage wafting through the streets.

The next day when people asked me where we went and I told them Wenatchee, they chuckled because it isn't a real tourist destination. This is why I started out saying David is getting to know me so well because for me it doesn't matter what town we go to, it's the exploration and new experiences I love.


David said...

That was such a fun day for me too! I haven't been there in over 15 years, when my mom would take all of us boys down there in the summer for family vacation.

As for "perfect spots to explore", there's a whole big list left over for that area! We should go down there again for more fun later this summer!

Anonymous said...

Yep, David, Deanna, --- going to Leavenworth was always something the boys and I looked forward to each year. Being an impoverished college student, single mom of three sons (ranging from 2/12 yrs to 12, with David being in the middle, between 7 and 8 yrs old) going to Leavenworth was a BIG deal each summer. Usually, we only had enough money saved up for two big ice cream cones as our only treat once we got there.

The 3 boys were great about sharing; your David, of course, being the biggest "Ice Cream Monster" in the family (which said family could inhale a whole half gallon of ice cream in 5 minutes flat) got his bigger portion by virtue of having the talent to suck an entire scoop of ice cream right off the top of a double cone before his brothers could beat him to death.

Leavenworth has only gotten better since those growing-up years, when a road summer trip vacation was three boys, a cooler with PBJB sandwiches, a thermos of cool aid and some bruised apples, and a whole lot of time to kill.

They walked me to death at Leavenworth. We usually stopped by the Hydro Park on the Wenatchee River, on the way back home, so the boys could play in the water and sand, while I passed out from fatigue on an aluminum lounge chair under a shady tree. We could make the entire trip on $5 worth of gas, and about $5 more for the cones. I never realized that those trips meant so much to my sons. Just goes to show you, money isn't everything to kids when they are young.

So glad you could share one of your growing-up memorable places with Deanna, David. Say, how did you get to be 29 overnight?!! - Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Next time you go, take me! I don't know why everyone was chuckling. It looks so fun...& I like fudge. After we finish there, you have to take me to Forks for a few days of Twilight madness. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Love, Missy