Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

I pretty much missed the Superbowl today. Oops! I had more important things to do like laundry, general cleaning-up, 7-layer dip making, knitting, blogging (which I'm missing the end of the game for now...might as well! Jonah will catch me up.) I just don't seem to have the TV stamina I used to. I get too figity. Good thing I started knitting.

Speaking of knitting, Jonah just requested a scarf in hunter's orange.

I call it the "Outdoorsman."
My goodness that's bright!!! Yes it is. I'm keeping the pattern small & simple. Nothing fancy for my man...although, I did offer to embroider a heart or weave in a ribbon & bow. He said no to this.

My cousin, Coy, also requested a scarf. I decided on blue because her favorite color is blue. I know this because we used to fight over grandpa's one & only blue cereal bowl. I really didn't have a thing for blue. Just making things difficult. She isplanning a trip to Utah to compete in a triathlon...SO, here is the "Triathloner."Okay, if by chance you are the one person who has never tried 7-Layer Dip, here is how I make it.

This is the, 5 layers? There really are more than 7 layers in this dip.

1 lb. ground beef mixed with taco seasoning
1 can refried beans, heated
1/2 onion, diced
1/2 tomato, diced
1 small can diced jalapeno peppersNext, I add:

Sour cream (as much as desired)
Guacamole (ditto)
Salsa (ditto)
1 small can sliced black olivesThen, I top it off with:

A handful of lettuce, chopped up very small
1/2 onion (the other half)
1/2 tomato (the other half)
A few handfuls of Mexican blend cheese
Dig in!

Don your game jersey (in our case, it's the New Orleans Saints...poor Saints), grab a cold drink & plop down in front of the tube.Or pass out... My baby. Yes. She has a Saints jersey too.

Love, Melissa


Damon said...

Men, they have no sense of accessories and bling. I think a heart would have been great. Great hunter orange though! The deer won't see him and other hunters will. Good, good. And I haven't forgotten you trying to hog the best bowl. Figures you were just being a stinker. Coy

HipHome said...

I have lost all ability to sit and watch TV for hours too! I can dedicate about 45 minutes and then I am ready to be moving again. Pitiful! I can't even enjoy movies anymore.
The dip looks so yummy. I can put a serious hurting on 7 layer dip--holy cow.
And the scarves..I am so jealous! I am such a slow and horrible knitter. And my hands hurt after a short while of knitting. I guess its not my thing, for sure! Yours are amazing...especially that blue one--gorgeous!

raCHe said...
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raCHe said...

went to a super bowl party again this year, even though I promised myself I wouldn't. Ate just as much as usual, and passed out on a couch with about ten kids buzzing around my head (or maybe the buzzing sound was the sound of dominoes flying by my head every couple seconds...) Your super bowl day seemed so much more peaceful. I have taken notes for next year, and will be more resolved to have a super bowl day like yours (including the dip)...
AWESOME scarfs my multi-talented friend:)

ps- the deleted post above this one is just related to my usual lack of editting. I couldn't handle the major spelling errors...