Friday, January 23, 2009

If You're Gonna Dream, Dream Big...

When I was "knee high to a grasshopper" (that's what my mom would always say), people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up. My first serious aspiration was to be a major league baseball player and an archaeologist in the off-season. For those of you readers who don't know, this plan never came to fruition. The next serious consideration was to be a speech pathologist and audiologist. I'm not exactly sure why this popped into my little third grade brain, but then again, I always have been drawn to the art of conversation (i.e. I talk a lot). As I was bathed in hormones throughout my jr high and high school years my ambitions were usurped by friends, boys and acne. However, a distant part of my brain was calling to me to make it big on Broadway. Again, for those of you who don't know, I have not become a speech pathologist, audiologist or a star on Broadway... but I still have acne. My university years were filled with decisions and I followed my loquacious giftings (loquacious giftings in this case meaning I still talked a lot). However, there is always a crazily perfect dream hanging out and having fun in the back of my head. I wanted to share my current resident. Folks, may I present The Greenhouse.

Imagine, it's a cold winter day and it has snowed... let's just say... 19 inches in 24 hours. Wouldn't you just love to cuddle up with some coffee or maybe fly away to somewhere tropical? Can't decide? Come on over! I would have a giant tropical greenhouse looking something like this:
Birds would be flying around in areas behind some netting (so your latte doesn't get any extra "cream"). You can grab your friends and a latte, sit by the waterfall and listen to the birds.
Oh, and the temperature wouldn't be the only thing that's warm. The baristas would be warm and friendly and able to chat anytime because it would be overstaffed. They would make some great coffee (fair trade, non genetically altered of course!). Sometimes they will sing a silly song for you or remember your daughter's birthday, but they will always do there best to make you smile. If you're a regular you will probably have your picture somewhere around the cafe area in a frame. It's always important to have family photos you know. We would send used coffee home with our very welcomed composters. We also might stick a flower behind your ear as you walk out the door so you can go add a little color to the world.



bigskygirls said...

I remember when you wanted to be an archeologist! Haha!

Those coffees are too cute to drink. :)


Dawn said...

Man, that sounds and looks awesome! If I lived anywhere near it, I would be the "Norm" of your greenhouse coffee bar all winter long. :)


Kristin said...

Oh man. I was already feeling sick of winter. Seeing pictures of a green, warm place didn't really help. I think it may be time to plan a trip to visit my family in Arizona . . .