Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Grind

How do you keep your house clean? Do tell.

Personally, I've spent hours thinking about this & decided, finally, that there just isn't enough time in my day to keep everything as sparkling & put-together as I'd like it to be. I have to let go of that. But, one day last year, I dreamt up this house-cleaning schedule which works for, I mean. J helps of course.

The laundry & dishes are constantly piling up...I mean, it's a battle just to be able to see the bottom of our sink or laundry we clean those daily. And J would rather clean the kitchen than do laundry & I, vice versa, so that works out pretty fair & even. Otherwise, I counted up the rooms in our house, the front step, back patio, garage, yard & our vehicles & spread them out over one week, including a day of rest (I'm so nice). J & I have one chore to accomplish, besides dishes or laundry, each day. Not so bad, eh? Of course there are days we don't get to it or don't feel like it, but we try.

So here is our weekly cleaning schedule (J & I switch chores for the 2nd week & then back to this schedule for the 3rd week, etc.)

Sunday: I clean the bathrooms, J cleans our bedroom

Monday: I mop all linoleum floors, J vacuums all downstairs carpets

Tuesday: I vacuum upstairs carpets, J cleans living & dining rooms

Wednesday: I clean the kitchen (other than dishes), J cleans front step & back patio

Thursday: I clean the laundry room, J vacuums our stairs

Friday: Day of rest. No cleaning!

Saturday: I clean the car & garage, J cleans the truck & does any yardwork that needs to be done (we usually don't alternate on Saturday because J likes yardwork & I don't)

And there you have it.

Yours truly,

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading your chore plan. I'm always interested to hear what works for other people. I made myself a chore chart about a week ago to help control my computer time. I get my chores done first. Helps me stay on track and be useful around the house. Like you guys, the dishes are a daily chore and I make our bed every morning. I'm currently not have Brian help. I try to get things done during the day while he's at work. Then he can help w/Camden when he gets home. He does all the yard work and car stuff. When I first made my chore chart, it was a weekly thing. That didn't work for me, so I changed it to an every 2 week kind of thing. Here's what works for me:

Monday Make Camden’s food
Tuesday Dust
Wednesday Vacuum
Thursday Kitchen
Friday Menu planning/Laundry
Sunday Grocery store

Monday Make Camden’s food
Tuesday Clean guest & Camden’s bathroom
Wednesday Clean our bathroom
Thursday Kitchen
Friday Menu planning/Laundry
Sunday Grocery store

PS-maybe you should do a "give away" on your site since you do SO MANY cool things!!! Just a suggestion. =D
--Candace R.