Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Finisher

I was happily knitting my scarf last week when the pup knocked over a pile of books on the floor, uncovering a forgotten embroidery project from July. Then, a few days ago, I realized we don't have a Christmas stocking for Jonah because I didn't finish making it last year. And yesterday I pulled some wrapping paper out of the closet & noticed a handbag I knit last year & meant to sew handles on. Oh yes...I'm that girl. The starter of many projects. The finisher of few. Well, now. I guess it is time to become The Finisher. So, I am working on my summery pillowcases here, during the day & my scarf at night.Aren't these embroidery threads just beautiful to look at? I find myself staring at them a lot. :)And I will finish sewing the handles on my winter bag next.Unfortunately, Jonah's stocking is MIA. Oops. I'll keep looking & make sure it is ready to go up next Christmas.


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Deanna said...

Wow! I love the embroidery!!! I have seen the awesome purses, so now I'll need an update on the stocking when you find it.