Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Week in Review

It's been a fairly average week. Things passed quickly and I was just thrilled to sleep in this morning, grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up with my book. Pretty typical... although, the more I thought about it, maybe just typical for me. I suppose a "typical week" is more like a thumbprint in that there are no two exactly alike.

My Week in Review:

High: Getting back together with my little sister (BBBS) after months of lost communication.
Low: About 28 degrees.

Made Me Smile: Presenting David with the first of my "Geek Chic" line, a framed set of Dr. Who quotes, for his new apartment.

Major Questions: Why do Disney movie characters never have mothers and, if they do, they are either evil or get shot by a hunter? What the heck am I going to do for Thanksgiving since it is NEXT WEEK?
Shocking Moment: Definitely when I went down the slide at McDonald's with Raylinn. Every screw my butt hit on the way down sent static electricity shooting through my body as I slid closer to that eerie mural of Ronald McDonald. Really? We have robots doing surgery, but we can't find a way to construct a slide that will not electrocute the children of this country? Although... in some strange masochistic way... is that part of the fun? Maybe this should be under "Major Questions of the Week".
Reminder That I am Quirky: When, after an enthusiastic elocutionary outpouring about my favorite modern convenience, I got a smile and the comment, "Wow, I've never known anyone as passionate about indoor plumbing as you."

Favorite Idea: Adding cinnamon and nutmeg to my vanilla protein shake to make it taste like an eggnog shake. Yum yum, I love eggnog.

Favorite Discovery: (thanks to Katy's blog!). Finally a playlist that has the perfect combination of country, gospel, Disney soundtrack, 80's rock, top 40, praise, and 60's folk rock!

Peaceful Moment: My lunchtime walk in the state park when the sun was shining and the scene was just filled with all the exciting things you notice when you are a kid.

I hope you had a "typical week" too!
:) Deanna


missy said...

Did you take that last picture of the rocks? That's awesome! Glad you had a nice week.

missy said...

I got in a hurry and forgot to add to my previous comment.

I hate getting shocked! It's one of my pet peeves and you can't really blame or yell at anyone for it, so I just curse at the universe when it happens. I'll make sure never to go down one of those slides! Also, did you go for a horse & carriage ride with your li'l sis? And who is this Dr. Who? And did David like your gift? I found the cutest cross-stitch the other day that I'm going to copy for myself and put in a frame. It says WWMD? (or What would Martha do?) Ha ha!

David S said...

I loved her gift! I'm even going to pound nails into my walls in clear defiance of the apartment rules just to put them up! As for "who is Doctor Who?" that question will remain unanswered for have to experience it to understand it!

Deanna said...

I did take the pictures of the rocks! They're called "The Bowl and Pitcher" in Riverside State Park. It's the same park I walk in on my lunch, but I'm down the river about two miles.

Ha ha! David, such restraint in your description of Dr. Who! ;)

David S. said...

Well, what good is my description when compared to full episodes like 'Partners in Crime' and 'The Unicorn and the Wasp'? Which, if you're still interested, we could watch 'Planet of the Ood' when you want. It's a great story about freedom and life!

missy said...

Ha ha! You two kill me. Deanna with her indoor plumbing, David with his Dr. Who. I can't believe you're gonna defy the landlord...we girls always fall for the dangerous types. :)

David S. said...

Yeah, that's me, Rebel of the Third Floor!