Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Delightful Day

Saturday was one of those days that I would describe as delightful. I met David downtown just to walk around. We wandered around Riverfront Park and walked over the waterfalls. There is a sort of pier built out over the water with a memorial to the early missionaries that moved into this area. I like to try to picture places the way they would have looked back then. All the sudden life is a lot more challenging when there are no bridges or smooth travel… and all without my favorite modern convenience, indoor plumbing!

So then, I found out that half of our party (a.k.a David) had not been to the Davenport Hotel. “That’s it. That will be our next stop!” I proclaimed as I scanned the skyline for the prettiest roof. I may go there all the time, however, it doesn’t help my sense of direction one single bit. The previously mentioned part of our party was able to direct us to our destination.

Again, we traveled back in time, but this time to the turn of the century. To me, the Davenport is spectacular. I will often park on the opposite side of my destination so I have to walk through the hotel on the way. The developer had it remodeled back to its original design knowing he would be doing it more for its historical beauty than a profit. Now, I just can’t wait for their Christmas Tree Ceremony and Gingerbread House display!

After wandering around outside awhile longer we decided to head over to the Steam Plant Grill for a snack. The Steam Plant is the actual old steam plant that has been converted into a microbrewery and restaurant. It has been remodeled to allow the building to tell its own history. You can still see different parts of the plant and how they would have worked. You must try to get in before the holidays are over for the eggnog cheesecake with the nutmeg brandy glaze. Wow! Yep, that’s about it… wow! (Please excuse the picture… all I had was my phone.)

That was a great way to wrap things up before we headed back through the park. Now that I’m writing about it, I’m realizing what an historical little jaunt we took. I love that kind of stuff. I love finding the local areas that give you a sense of what the place is all about. Well, if you’re ever goofing around Spokane… there are some delightful ideas for you.


missy said...

Did we eat at the Steamplant Grill? I love your black and white Spokane series. Looks like you've been out playing with your camera a little more. :) SLC has some pretty cool older buildings and houses, but there's nothing like that up here...mostly just chain stores and housing developments.

David S. said...

Honestly, being a native Spokanite, I'm a little embarassed that I've never experienced so much of Spokane until after I started dating Deanna. But, she's got a great head for finding all the fun little historical things I've taken for granted! I hear we're going to the MAC in the near future, and I've never been there either!

David S. said...

Speaking of Delightful Days, Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

Miranda said...

Deanna you are a good tourist in your own town!! Thanks to you Spokane is one of my favorite places in the whole world...well I guess I only have experience with North America so you know....but I have been quite a few places so that does say that you do well.

Huge hugs. I miss you terribly!