Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bear Lake Getaway

We spoiled ourselves this weekend & rented a cabin at the KOA in Garden City, Utah. Such a sweet little town smelling of bouquets of lilacs, lined with tiny houses covered in dark wood or bleached shingles, signs telling you where to buy the local raspberries, & outdoor restaurants where one can eat at umbrella covered picnic tables. Jonah cooked for me on the barbeque all weekend which I much prefer to eating out so I couldn't tell you how the restaurant fare was, but I did enjoy the atmosphere of families visiting over baskets of onion rings & raspberry milkshakes as we walked by on our way to the beach.

One very delighted Cody frolicked in the water & chased seagulls to her hearts content.

The KOA campground I have to say was awesome with so many activities to choose from, including putt-putt golf which we played badly, a big jumping pillow for kids that I wished was for adults too, bicycle rentals, & much more. Of course we brought our own sweet rides & biked the entire length of a 9 mile path weaving through town around one end of the lake. I felt like I was riding through Capeside in an episode of Dawson's Creek or Cabot Cove in the opening credits of Murder She Wrote. There was a street named Buttercup Lane. I want to live on a street named Buttercup Lane. How cute is that?

We arrived home this afternoon & promptly fell into two big heaps in the living room & napped, the puppy also in a heap in my lap. Time to unpack now. Getting ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I think with a little bounce in my step & some tension released from my shoulders. Sometimes you don't realize you need a weekend getaway until you get there.


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The Girls said...

Those pictures of Cody are so stinkin' cute!